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Advanced Analytics

Michael Ade Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, United States
Data Prep, Advanced Analytics

I have a demonstrated history of successfully delivering business analytics and software implementation projects across various corporate functions, in (show more)

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Interests: Family Hiking, Travel, Peloton, Simplification, Process Automation, and Analytics Automation

Ethan Schuttler Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Data Prep, Advanced Analytics, Getting Started
Ingersoll Rand

I am an Analytics and Productivity Manager currently working for Ingersoll Rand. I have a strong background in driving change using data analytics, as (show more)

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Interests: Sports, Prison Reform, Animals, Reading, and Education

Raghav Nargotra Dallas, Texas, United States
Macros & Apps, Data Prep, Advanced Analytics

I am a problem solver at heart and Alteryx is my reliable sidekick. With 8 years of experience, I am currently leading the analytics for digital initia (show more)

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Interests: animals, Running, Service, Hiking, Travel, Education, and Equality

Abhishek Baidya Dallas, Texas, United States
Advanced Analytics, Data Prep, Tips On What Tools To Use

Abhi focuses on identifying and prioritizing emerging technologies that can help solve current business problems and is based out of Dallas. (show more)

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Interests: NLP, RPA, Blockchain, IOT, Deep Tech, and Emerging Tech

Eleanor Jarvis London, England, United Kingdom
Data Prep, Advanced Analytics, Macros & Apps, Getting Started, Tips On What Tools To Use

I love working with data to help deliver insights and support decision making. I have been in my current role as a Data and Visualisation Developer sin (show more)

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Interests: Strategy, Data visualisation, Research, Charity, and Education

Hunter McGuinness Dallas, Texas, United States
Tips On What Tools To Use, Getting Started, Data Prep, Advanced Analytics

I have over 4 years of experience using Alteryx Designer and look forward to assisting you on your data project. I'm also very comfortable using the sp (show more)

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Interests: Friends & Family, Kickball, Hiking, Traveling, Hammocking, and Indoor Soccer

Praphul Samavedam Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Data Prep, Education Initiatives, Macros & Apps, Advanced Analytics

Hi, my name is Samavedam Manikhanta Praphul. I am adept in ETL and data science. I am looking to build a better society by lending my skills. (show more)

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Interests: Analytics, Data-Analytics, Predictive-Analytics, Data, Data-Understanding, Python, NLP, Machine-Learning, Data-Science, Leadership, Mentoring, Teaching, and STEM Education

John Emery Vero Beach, Florida, United States
Predictive Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Tips On What Tools To Use, Data Prep
Tessellation Consulting

One of my biggest workplace pet peeves is wasted time. As a consultant, I've seen too many clients and analysts working extra hours because they lack d (show more)

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Interests: conservation, travel, environment, non-profit, spatial, mathematics, and statistics

Sandy Hsieh Dallas, Texas, United States
Predictive Analytics, Data Prep, Advanced Analytics
Murphy USA

Self-directed and driven quantitative management analyst with comprehensive accomplishments in merchandising and marketing analytics, sales and operati (show more)

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Interests: Real Estate, hiking, photography, blogging, and House Flipping for elderly people

Caleb Dugger Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Data Prep, Getting Started, Advanced Analytics
XPO Logistics

I've been working with Alteryx Designer since 2017, and have achieved my core certification. I have worked with two publicly traded companies in signif (show more)

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Interests: Church, Ronald McDonald House, Poverty Alleviation, Foster Children Aging Out, and Foster Children

Natalie Ayers New York, New York, United States
Advanced Analytics, Macros & Apps, Data Prep
University of Chicago

As a Data Consultant using Alteryx for more than 3 years, I worked to help businesses best leverage their data - from creating more effective ingestion (show more)

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Interests: Peace/Conflict Studies, History, Reading, Travel, International Affairs, Non-Profits, and Data/Statistics

Levell Dunn Chino, California, United States
Macros & Apps, Advanced Analytics, Data Prep, Getting Started
Kaiser Permanente

I've worked with Alteryx for since 2011 years now and I have taught classes across my organization from Maryland to San Diego, from Oakland to Colorado (show more)

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Interests: automation, Alteryx, server, problem solver, and teacher

Shshank Chawathay Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Advanced Analytics, Macros & Apps, Data Prep, Getting Started
Juniper Networks Inc.

Shshank is passionate about solving real-world problems using data. His expertise lies in harnessing the power of data that lies in disparate systems/s (show more)

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Interests: analytics, data science, photography, statistical modeling, datasets, predictive analysis, and data visualization

Matthew Agee Houston, Texas, United States
Getting Started, Data Prep, Macros & Apps, Advanced Analytics
Teknion Data Solutions

I am someone who is passionate about solving problems using data and software. I have been using Alteryx for 7 years and Tableau for 13 years and all t (show more)

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Interests: Spatial, Macros, Tableau, Academic, Spanish, Immigration, and Predictive

Altan Atabarut Beyoglu, İstanbul, Turkey
Getting Started, Advanced Analytics, Data Prep
Altdata Analytics

Hi All, I'm Altan from Istanbul, Turkey. I hold a M.Sc degree in Industrial Engineering, I work as an analytics business developer. I'm a seasoned m (show more)

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Interests: Data Quality Scoring, Alternative Data, Risk Assessment, Sales & Marketing Analytics, Business Development, Industrial Engineering, and OR

Nick Haylund Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Getting Started, Data Prep, Advanced Analytics

Nick focuses on empowering those at every level of an organization to receive, analyze, and understand their data. (show more)

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Interests: Data Prep, Segmentation, Spatial, Getting Started, Automation, Macro, and Tableau

FERNANDO VIZCAINO São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Data Prep, Getting Started, Advanced Analytics, Macros & Apps
Data Meaning

I am an Alteryx specialist and ACE from Data Meaning , working with analytics and business intelligence projects, presales and training sessions for 9 (show more)

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Interests: data prep, workflows, macros, data cleaning, and Advanced analytics

Douglas Perez São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Advanced Analytics, Data Prep, Education Initiatives, Tips On What Tools To Use, Macros & Apps
Dr Transformação Digital

I have been working with Alteryx for the past 3 years. I am certified in Core, Advanced, Partner, Server and Server Implementation, and I am currently (show more)

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Interests: Games, Cats, Dogs, Teach, and Learn

Renzo Vasquez Lima, Lima, Peru
Advanced Analytics, Tips On What Tools To Use, Data Prep, Getting Started
Alicorp S.A.A.

Hi everyone, my name is Renzo Vasquez. I have passion for technology. I love to discover interesting insights through data. In addition to technolo (show more)

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Interests: Data Visualization, Agile, Advance analytics, Data Quality Assurance, Business Inteligence, Digital Transformation, and Animal Lover

Adil Maqbool, CFA Auckland, New Zealand
Predictive Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Data Prep

Experienced data analytics professional with deep domain knowledge of corporate finance and accounting. With a passion for data science and data analyt (show more)

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Interests: life long learning, music (Rap dat R&B), Formula 1, running, swimming, and reading

Andrew Kim Orlando, Florida, United States
Getting Started, Data Prep, Advanced Analytics, Macros & Apps
Data Meaning

Andrew is an Alteryx Ace currently working with qualitative and quantitative data in the theme park industry. His past experience with data includes CR (show more)

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Interests: CRM, SQL, Amazon, Merchant Web Services, health, marketing, and finance

Laurie Phan Dallas, Texas, United States
Getting Started, Advanced Analytics, Data Prep
Cox Automotive

Naturally inquisitive and highly analytical business intelligence professional with 10+ years of work experience and a strong background in financial a (show more)

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Interests: wine, harry potter, spending time with family, baking, learning, traveling, fishing, hiking, and yoga

Winnie Chia Chandler, Arizona, United States
Tips On What Tools To Use, Data Prep, Advanced Analytics, Predictive Analytics

I am a Business Intelligent Professional, I enjoy learning new technologies and be part of it. I earned 3 Alteryx certifications-Designer Core, Designe (show more)

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Interests: music, hiking, meditation, dance, bike, and cruise

Subrat Das Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Data Prep, Advanced Analytics, Tips On What Tools To Use
Standard Chartered Bank

Hi, I am Subrat. I am a data enthusiast and have worked in the Analytics background for close to 12 years across multiple domains and been using Altery (show more)

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Interests: Nature Walks, Road Trips, Cricket, and Volunteering