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Advanced Analytics

Jon Albertini Freeport, Maine, United States
Data Prep, Getting Started, Advanced Analytics, Macros & Apps, Workflows

Hi there, I’m a Customer Success Manager with Alteryx. I lead technical enablement and Alteryx adoption across strategic accounts. Prior to joining Al (show more)

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Interests: software, education, technical sales, and customer success

Andrew Kim Orlando, Florida, United States
Getting Started, Data Prep, Workflows, Advanced Analytics, Macros & Apps
Data Meaning

Andrew is an Alteryx Ace currently working with qualitative and quantitative data in the theme park industry. His past experience with data includes CR (show more)

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Interests: CRM, SQL, Amazon, Merchant Web Services, health, marketing, and finance

Altan Atabarut Beyoglu, İstanbul, Turkey
Getting Started, Advanced Analytics, Data Prep, Workflows
Altdata Analytics

Hi All, I'm Altan from Istanbul, Turkey. I hold a M.Sc degree in Industrial Engineering, I work as an analytics business developer. I'm a seasoned m (show more)

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Interests: Data Quality Scoring, Alternative Data, Risk Assessment, Sales & Marketing Analytics, Business Development, Industrial Engineering, and OR

Levell Dunn Chino, California, United States
Getting Started, Data Prep, Advanced Analytics, Workflows, Macros & Apps
Kaiser Permanente

I've worked with Alteryx for since 2011 years now and I have taught classes across my organization from Maryland to San Diego, from Oakland to Colorado (show more)

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Interests: Alteryx, server, problem solver, teacher, and automation

Shshank Chawathay Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Advanced Analytics, Workflows, Macros & Apps, Data Prep, Getting Started
Juniper Networks Inc.

Shshank is passionate about solving real-world problems using data. His expertise lies in harnessing the power of data that lies in disparate systems/s (show more)

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Interests: analytics, data science, photography, statistical modeling, datasets, predictive analysis, and data visualization

Jessica Horne Chicago, Illinois, United States
Data Prep, Advanced Analytics, Getting Started
McDonald's Corp.

Hello! I am currently working as a Profitable Market Analyst for McDonald's US Real Estate Headquarters, in Chicago. I have over 2 years of experience (show more)

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Interests: data analytics, real estate, urban planning, demographics, and youth

William Chhay Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Getting Started, Data Prep, Workflows, Advanced Analytics
Commonwealth Bank

As a Business Analyst in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, I help to generate actionable insights and solve complex business problems around our cust (show more)

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Interests: Sports Enthusiast, Gamer, and Trader

Brendan Filkins Burlington , Vermont, United States
Getting Started, Data Prep, Workflows, Advanced Analytics
National Life Group

I am a financial and operational analyst for a life insurance company driven by doing good. (show more)

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Interests: finance, forecast, dashboard, and automation

David Round Nottingham, United Kingdom
Getting Started, Macros & Apps, Advanced Analytics, Workflows, Data Prep

Hi! I'm a UK based Alteryx Guru ready to help you with anything from simple macros and workflows through to advanced data analytics and tool. My backgr (show more)

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Interests: GIS, Training, Scripting, R integration, Spatial, Automation, and Data

Nick Haylund Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Getting Started, Data Prep, Workflows, Advanced Analytics

Nick focuses on empowering those at every level of an organization to receive, analyze, and understand their data. (show more)

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Interests: Data Prep, Segmentation, Spatial, Getting Started, Automation, Macro, and Tableau

Jesse Sheppard Los Angeles, California, United States
Workflows, Macros & Apps, Data Prep, Advanced Analytics

Jesse specializes in advanced data modeling for large businesses, and has an economics background. (show more)

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Interests: History, Social Sciences, Economics, Public Policy, and Accounting

Di-Hong Tay Singapore, Central Singapore, Singapore
Workflows, Data Prep, Tips On What Tools To Use, Advanced Analytics
AIA Singapore

I love automating tasks and blending data with Alteryx. (show more)

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Interests: Awareness Campaigns, Comedy, Automation, Education, Politics, and Resource Allocation

Sandy Hsieh Dallas, Texas, United States
Predictive Analytics, Data Prep, Advanced Analytics, Workflows
Murphy USA

Quantitative management specialist with expertise in revenue management, Agile analytics consulting and real estate investment, developing and implemen (show more)

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Interests: photography, blogging, hiking, House Flipping for elderly people, and Real Estate

Natalie Ayers New York, New York, United States
Workflows, Data Prep, Macros & Apps, Advanced Analytics
Keyrus US

I'm a Data Consultant based in New York and have been enjoying using Alteryx for more than 2 years.! I have a background in Statistics, but I primarily (show more)

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Interests: Travel, Reading, International Affairs, Non-Profits, History, Outdoors, and Data/Statistics

Abhishek Baidya Dallas, Texas, United States
Advanced Analytics, Data Prep, Tips On What Tools To Use, Workflows

Abhi focuses on identifying and prioritizing emerging technologies that can help solve current business problems and is based out of Dallas. (show more)

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Interests: NLP, RPA, Blockchain, IOT, Deep Tech, and Emerging Tech

Cayo Oliveira São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Data Prep, Advanced Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Workflows
Itau Unibanco SA

I am a mechanical engineer from the federal university of Pernambuco, MBA in project management from the Getulio Vargas College and MBA in data science (show more)

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Interests: Statistics, Mechanical Engineer, Workflow, Predictive Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Text Mining with Python, Data Mining, and Python

Geeta Sharma East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Advanced Analytics, Data Prep, Workflows, Getting Started
Self employed

Advanced Analytics, Workflows, Data Prep, Getting Started (show more)

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Interests: cooking, gardening, travelling, and Reading

Winnie Chia Chandler, Arizona, United States
Predictive Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Data Prep, Tips On What Tools To Use

I am a Business Intelligent Professional, I enjoy learning new technologies and be part of it. I earned 3 Alteryx certifications-Designer Core, Designe (show more)

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Interests: music, hiking, meditation, dance, bike, and cruise

FERNANDO VIZCAINO São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Macros & Apps, Advanced Analytics, Getting Started, Data Prep

I am an Analytics coordinator in ITG-Analytics - Brasil, working with analytics and business intelligence projects, presales and training sessions for (show more)

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Interests: workflows, macros, data cleaning, data prep, and Advanced analytics

Adil Maqbool Auckland, New Zealand
Data Prep, Workflows, Advanced Analytics, Predictive Analytics

Experienced data analytics professional with deep domain knowledge of corporate finance and accounting. With a passion for data science and data analyt (show more)

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Interests: life long learning, music (Rap dat R&B), Formula 1, running, swimming, and reading