Stephen Wagner

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

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As a Sr. Product Engineer, at Alteryx, I develop Analytic Starter Kits and Alteryx Designer Connectors. Analytic Starter Kits provide a collection of tutorials highlighting analytic use cases. Building Alteryx Designer Connectors involves coding in JavaScript and understanding REST based APIs.

Before Alteryx, as a consultant and data analyst, I helped companies act on their data through analysis and visualization. My expertise is in visualizing data with Tableau after blending and prepping the data in Alteryx.


I’m passionate about maximizing the impact of charity. Focus being on organizations providing food, shelter, and job services. I love to help organizations use their data to use their limited resources to maximum effect.

Reviews (2)

    Steve was fantastic to work with. He went out of his way to find a database that would work with my accounting students and then walk me through how to analyze the database. I would highly recommend Steve to any newbie like me hoping to learn Alteryx.

    Susan Lanham

    Steve is an Alteryx All-Star mentor/coach for a newbie user -- he was explained processes how and why certain processes in the workflow were preferable to others, gave some killer tips (Browse tool, ctrl-shift-B, or clicking anchors), and pointed me towards more training resources in the community.

    The only changes might be to ask if some of the tool configuration need more explanation once added to the workflow.

    We were able to work on two workflows, one that will improve my work tremendously and blow the socks off my team, as well as tackling one that is part of a much longer term project.

    Beyond impressed with Steve and Alteryx!

    Chadd Bennett, Seattle, WA, US