Josh Brandt

St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Getting Started, Data Prep, Workflows, Macros & Apps

Slalom Consulting

I am passionate about helping others gain insights and solve problems using data. I love getting into the data, understanding the structure and processes underneath, and then working to best tell its' stories.


I've been working with data related problems for a majority of my career. I have experience utilizing Alteryx and Tableau, as well as Agile Delivery Methodologies.

I love working with someone to understand the business problems, understanding the state of their data, and then working to clean up and present something that's valuable! It's a great feeling to help empower others to utilize their data.

I'd say some of my strongest attributes is to quickly pick up the goals and objectives of the stakeholder. This helps to develop a relevant end product faster, as well as empower more useful iterations on the development of that product (whether data source related or visualization).

I have experience in connecting to and transforming data within Alteryx, whether it's related to the transformation of the data model, or layering in additional insights. I have experience using Alteryx macros and geospatial tools. I am currently an Alteryx Certified Partner. I also have significant experience in visualizing data through reports, stories, and interactive dashboards.