Shshank Chawathay

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Advanced Analytics, Workflows, Macros & Apps, Data Prep, Getting Started Twitter Linkedin

Juniper Networks Inc.

Shshank is passionate about solving real-world problems using data. His expertise lies in harnessing the power of data that lies in disparate systems/sources and blending/transforming it to create multi-faceted datasets which can be used for visualization as well as predictive analysis.

Shshank is well versed in Advanced Analytics Workflows, Macros, Apps, Data Blending, Data Visualizations and Statistical Modeling.


He has more than 3 years of data analysis and statistical modeling experience and is always enthusiastic about the latest tools and technologies in the realm of data science.

He works as a Sales Operations Analyst in the Go To Market Analytics team at Juniper Networks Inc. where he is well known for his expertise in creating advanced Alteryx workflows and macros for data preparation and blending, Rest API connections and self-service analytics applications. Data visualization and Insights is his forte and he has created several dashboards for the higher management and C-suite using Tableau and Alteryx.

He is currently working on creating machine learning workflows using Python and Alteryx and is also actively involved in spreading awareness about data hygiene, Alteryx and Tableau throughout the organization.