Bingqian Gao

London, London, City of, United Kingdom

Getting Started, Workflows, Data Prep

Senior Consultant, Concentra

Alteryx (& Tableau) user and trainer, passionate about efficiency and optimisation (powered by laziness and desire to save time), fun to work with!


Bingqian is an Analytics Consultant at Concentra in London. She works with data across various industries including Consumer Goods, Telecom & Technology, Healthcare, Public Sector and Services.

She enjoys finding solutions for data challenges in areas like data consolidation, modelling, and visualisation with tools such as Alteryx, Tableau, OrgVue and Excel. She also believes in the power of analytics in uncovering insights and helping to better inform decision making.

Bingqian is certified with Tableau and Alteryx, and is a trainer for both software. Prior to Concentra, Bingqian worked as a quantitative research analyst for a market research and decision behaviour consultancy specialising in Conjoint analysis and market simulation.

Outside of work, Bingqian has a wide range of interests. She takes up challenges in all areas - recent ones including oil painting, poetry reading, song writing, boxing, and krav maga.