Andrew Kim

Orlando, Florida, United States

Alteryx Orlando

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Andrew is an Alteryx Ace currently working with qualitative and quantitative data in the theme park industry. His past experience with data includes CRM, Amazon Merchant Services, the financial sector, the US Census, warehouse operations, and real estate. He also serves as the Orlando Alteryx User Group leader and enjoys regularly attending other groups to listen to/talk about data and visualization.

Prior to his role as a Data Analyst, Andrew worked as a Senior Marketing Analyst responsible for SQL infrastructure development and maintenance, building Tableau dashboards to support purchasing, operations and management. Andrew is a University of Central Florida alumnus and holds two bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and Finance along with numerous business certificates and minors. His current focuses are on sharing his knowledge of data transformation and learning programming languages for predictive modeling.


A couple projects Andrew has enjoyed the most were creating a packaging model for potential products and processing Apple health data from iHealth. For the packaging model project Andrew was given a database of packaging materials with their dimensions and UPCs from vendors. He and his team utilized Merchant Web Services from Amazon to pull down the product dimensions and composition, which were used to dictate the type of packaging material required at the unit level. Then using the Amazon and UPS shipping constraints I was able to determine the optimal means of shipping at unit and case levels. These cost and order size metrics were then used in product selection models. iHealth Data is another one of Andrew’s favorites because it helped quantify simple aspects of life that contribute to a person’s overall well-being such as the stress of commuting to and from work, which were easy to identify because of the drastic changes in heart rate . It has also helped him appreciate how simple data should be to export, but in the end that doesn’t mean it’s free from needing to be cleaned.

In his spare time Andrew likes building things from scratch such as woodworking, pottery and glassblowing. Through these hobbies, he has come to appreciate good craftsmanship. These hobbies have taught him to emphasize patience and perseverance in all aspects of his life. Just like with data, it doesn’t always come out perfect the first time, but it’s through our repetition that we can share our passion. Andrew looks forward to serving his community by sharing his passion for data with those who live their passions working in the non-profit sector.

Andrew focuses on his health by cycling and playing hide-and-go-seek with his dog. Cycling has taught him that the road is long and not always smooth, like data, and the best thing you can do is start working toward the direction you want to go.

You would think playing hide-and-go-seek is easy, but when you have only 15 seconds to hide, you have to think a couple steps ahead and be quick on your feet when playing with a border collie! Animals have always had a place in Andrew’s life, so if you’re looking for help from an animal lover you found one!

Favorite Tableau Zen Masters – Chris Love, Pooja Ghandi and Ryan Sleeper
Favorite Alteryx Aces – Chris Love, Jason Mack, Joe Mako
Favorite Viz book – Dashboard Design by Stephen Few
Favorite Data book – Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O'Neil