Alex Brasch

Portland, Oregon, United States

Getting Started, Data Prep, Workflows, Macros & Apps

Population Geographer | Data Analyst, FLO Analytics

I'm a GIS Analyst with background in geography & human-environment interactions, specializing in geospatial analysis, data visualization, and database management. I regularly use Alteryx and ArcGIS to explore, blend, and prepare data for more advanced analysis and mapping.


As a GIS (Geographic Information System) Analyst with FLO Analytics, I get the chance to work with an amazing array of data on a variety of interesting projects. Whether I’m performing a site suitability analysis for a regional land trust to hone their conservation efforts or generating enrollment forecasts for a local school district’s 5-year plan, the reliable and efficient use of data is key to producing insightful results. Since being introduced to Alteryx in 2016, I’ve continually leveraged it’s capabilities to aid in my demographic and geospatial analyses.

I have a strong background in geography & GIS, so the importance of place and spatial relationships are often at the forefront of my work. Traditionally, I use Esri ArcGIS software and tools to perform advanced spatial analysis and visualize results. Now with Alteryx in my toolset I can consistently and reliably explore, blend, and prepare data, as well as leverage Alteryx’s robust spatial and predictive capabilities.

I'm interested in helping organizations to vastly improve the way they manage and utilize their data, especially by creating efficient solutions to everyday data problems. I am particularly keen on working with organizations that strive to improve human-environment interactions through education and awareness of problems such as climate change and socio-economic inequality. When away from my data analysis endeavors, you’ll most likely find me road cycling, backpacking around the Pacific Northwest, or enjoying a beer at a local brewery.