Jessica Horne

Chicago, Illinois, United States

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McDonald's Corp.

Hello! I am currently working as a Profitable Market Analyst for McDonald's US Real Estate Headquarters, in Chicago. I have over 2 years of experience with Alteryx, specializing in data blending, data and demographic analytics, and spatial elements. I love to problem solve and explore large sets of data for trends. I am passionate about social equality, education reform, and leadership development.


Most days you can find me using Alteryx to problem solve, dive into demographic breakdowns, and searching for correlations between successful units and key determining factors. My workflows range from basic data prep and blending to advanced spatial analytics to historical analysis determining future trends.

My background includes a BA in Sociology from The Ohio State University and I also attended the Masters in Urban Planning and Policy Program at UIC focusing on Economic Development.

Prior to my work at McDonald's, I was managing the development of a local catering and restaurant company which has seen tremendous growth since our modernization program implementation.

I have many years of experience volunteering. Primarily I work with youth organizations that focus on leadership, career building skills, and athletics as a teaching tool. However, I also have experience with those suffering from illness and tutor MRDD children. I am passionate about social equality, education reform, and leadership development.

I look forward to lending the analytic skills I have learned through school, small business application, and global corporation experience to those in my community.

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