Emily Van Ark

Dearborn (work), Ypsilanti (home), Michigan, United States

Getting Started, Workflows, Data Prep

Ford Motor Company

I'm currently a data scientist with the Ford Motor Company. I use Alteryx daily to merge data from multiple data sources, transform it, and prepare it for analytical visualization and decision making tools, usually in the form of automatically-refreshing Qlikview dashboards that can support better business processes.

I've also been a high school physics and math teacher, a management consultant, a Peace Corps Volunteer (teaching secondary school physics in Ghana), and a graduate student in Marine Geology and Geophysics. All of which means I love learning about how the world works, I love helping others learn how the world works, and I love using data to make the word a better place.

I've love to help you learn how to use the data you have to make the world a better place!


I believe that helping people take full advantage of the data they have available means they can make better decisions and stronger arguments on behalf of their stakeholders. And I also believe that we're never too old to learn some new tricks. I'm hoping that Alteryx for Good will give me the chance to help some people learn some new tricks to better leverage the data they have, and in turn make the world a better place!

As a former public high school teacher, I have a soft spot for anything have to do with education and students. And as a trained Earth Scientist, I have another soft spot for anything having to do with the environment, climate change, and natural hazards. But mostly, I love learning new things and doing things that matter. Let's learn some new things and do something that matters together!

I've been an Alteryx user for two years, and before that I coded in C++, Fortran 77, Matlab, and Unix shell scripting. I learned SQL at about the same time as I learned Alteryx, and I've lately gotten to use my linux experience in a hadoop environment, which has been fun. I also became pretty good at Excel (vlookups and pivot tables, baby!) and Powerpoint as a business consultant. And as a certified secondary school teacher, I have a solid bag of tricks for helping people new to an area get started and build solid habits and approaches.

When I'm not playing with data, I love knitting, reading (everything), yoga, good Sci Fi TV shows (Star Trek, Babylon 5, Firefly, BSG, and Doctor Who, among others), and biking and hiking with my husband and two kids.