William Chhay

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Getting Started, Data Prep, Workflows, Advanced Analytics

Commonwealth Bank

As a Business Analyst in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, I help to generate actionable insights and solve complex business problems around our customer's financial well-being. In addition to that, I create automated processes which require optimisation through intuitive tools like Alteryx.


Prior to my current role, I worked as a Data Analyst at a Media Agency called Blue 449, where I was first exposed to Alteryx. During my tenure, I've developed many data washing Alteryx workflows, interactive dashboards using Tableau to indicate on media performance and also its impact on the client's business.

I'm an alumni from the University of Sydney, holding a major in Financial Mathematics and Sydney, Bachelor of Science. My current aspirations are on sharing my knowledge of data transformation, creating intuitive workflows and learning statistical modelling.