Jon Albertini

Freeport, Maine, United States

Data Prep, Getting Started, Advanced Analytics, Macros & Apps, Workflows


Hi there, I’m a Customer Success Manager with Alteryx. I lead technical enablement and Alteryx adoption across strategic accounts. Prior to joining Alteryx, I managed GeoAnalytics for a grocery retailer. In that role, I loved creating maps and metrics that helped co-workers find solutions to anything involving the word, “where?” We created and built processes that had never been automated and shared across the organization, until we implemented Alteryx.

Once I joined Alteryx, I wanted to make sure our customers saw us as partners, not software vendors. When I take a step back and empathize with what our customers are trying to achieve based on their available resources, then my job becomes easier and very rewarding.


I come from a family of teachers. Even though I didn’t chose education as a career path, I do enjoy teaching a classroom of learners about Alteryx. Although I always get a little nervous, standing up in front of large groups in person, or even through a web conference, and sharing something I’m passionate about provides quite a thrill.

Leading technical adoption may come in the form of live product demonstrations, training, analytical process migration, new feature/functionality updates, Alteryx office hours, and working sessions.

I think my favorite part of the role is helping users understand how powerful it can be to share applications on Alteryx server. It’s one thing to build a workflow that saves hours per day or per week. Another level of ‘wow’ can be earned when that same Alteryx worker enables a co-worker to run the same process, simply by visiting a URL and configuring some easy-to-use menu options.