Richard Li

Auckland, North Island, New Zealand

Workflows, Data Prep, Tips On What Tools To Use, Getting Started

Transaction Advisory Analyst, EY

Business Analyst with experience working across Financial Transactions, Logistics Planning, Asset Management and Real Estate Development. BCom (Business Analytics and Finance) Graduate from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Alteryx Designer Advanced Certified.


Hi there,

I am a passionate Data Wrangler living in Auckland, New Zealand with a background in Business Analytics and Finance. I currently work as an Analyst in the Transaction Advisory Services division at EY, where we leverage self-service analytics tools like Alteryx to help uncover valuable insights for clients.

I am excited to be involved in the Alteryx for Good Co-lab and look forward to assisting not-for-profits and education institutions in any way I can. Please check out my LinkedIn profile for more information about me and feel free to reach out to have a chat.