Michael Mixon

Gig Harbor, Washington, United States

Getting Started, Data Prep, Workflows, Macros & Apps


I've come to love the process of converting data into stories through effective shaping and visualization, and I would like to help others tell their stories.


I spend my working life helping people with data, and this takes many forms. Sometimes it's as simple as getting their data organized so that they spend less time collecting it and more time analyzing it. Sometimes it also involves finding stories inside of that data and visualizing those stories for them (or showing them how they can visualize their own stories).

While it is gratifying to convert data into stories and insight for work, I've actually gotten far more satisfaction from applying those skills to projects like Viz for Social Good, which I've been involved with since the beginning of 2017. Here I am able to use data prep and storytelling in the service of initiatives that aim to improve people's lives, correct an injustice or preserve a valuable resource like our environment. And being involved in that project has opened my eyes to how much more help these non-profit organizations can use to further their causes. That's why I am here.