Caleb Catalano

Chicago, Illinois, United States

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Slalom Consulting

Caleb is a Solution Architect with Slalom Consulting in Chicago. In his role at Slalom, Caleb works closely with local clients to provide custom solutions for their data needs.

In his previous role as Senior Data Strategist for UChicago Charter School, he designed and constructed a network-wide data infrastructure that enabled rapid reporting to stakeholders across the network.

Caleb also won a 2018 Alteryx Analytics Excellence Award for his partnership with The Academy Group and Alteryx for Good.


I'm interested in helping any organization that is looking to supercharge the way they collect, store and use their data. I love working on new and clever solutions to everyday data problems.

Recently, I partnered with The Academy Group through Alteryx for Good. Over the course of a few exploratory sessions, we created a solution that would enable them to dive deep into their data at nearly no cost to the organization. Together, we designed an Alteryx-centered process that allowed teachers to input student data and access it in real-time through interactive dashboards. This automated process allows teachers to spend more time teaching and less time combing through Excel spreadsheets. Following this engagement, The Academy Group is looking to expand their use of Alteryx into more areas of their practice.

Reviews (1)

    Caleb is very detailed in his work and extremely mindful of client needs. He is constantly striving to meet and exceed our needs. Caleb is always on time and meets all deadlines. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to other clients.

    Sundeep Vira