Mark Frisch

Battle Creek, Michigan, United States

CEO, Marquee Crew

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Founded in 2015, I setup Marquee Crew as a data blending and analytics center of excellence. As a certified Alteryx partner, I provide guidance as well as delivery of professional services to our clients. In December, 2015 I was recognized by Alteryx and given the title of Alteryx ACE. We are a value-added reseller of Alteryx as well as Marketing Services and Marketing Data content.

As a versatile, goal-oriented director, I have leveraged my strong analytical and problem solving skills to ensure positive outcomes for an international market leader - Experian. Throughout my career in data analytics, target marketing and consumer insight analysis, I have successfully managed numerous large-scale projects that improved profitability, market position and system performance.

I offer a collaborative approach that involves working closely with revenue cycle teams and multiple departments to identify and resolve process issues, while implementing optimal digital solutions to drive new business growth. As a self-starter with a strong desire to succeed in whatever I do, I have an inherent ability to identify and remove barriers to operational excellence.

In addition to my deep abilities to develop and implement workable solutions that fuel the success of tactical business initiatives, I have a proven record of harnessing technology to meet changing business needs and direct marketing requirements of Fortune 1000 clients.


I’ve been using Alteryx for over a dozen years and I’m continuing to find new ways and improve existing ways of creating value from it. When I’m not working on client challenges, I find myself helping others in the Alteryx Community. As an ACE, I am committed to learning and growing as an individual while at the same time helping others at the same time.

Working remotely, I find myself surrounded by our dogs. When I met my wife, she had three poodles. I thought that was plenty, if not too much. Now we have five and regularly babysit our daughter’s poodle too. At times, I have four poodles sleeping on me while I attempt to conduct my business. The real challenge is when they are playing or fighting with one another. The only reason why I don’t have 6 poodles on me is that two of the six are standards.

Moving from Dana Point in sunny Southern California to Battle Creek Michigan I get the question often, “Why?” The answer that I most often give is, “Witness Relocation”. Granted, I’m not near the ocean and now live in an area where there are more farm animals than people and more trailers than houses, I find myself more at peace. That peace is often interrupted by bouts of gunfire. Upon moving to Michigan I took up marksmanship. It turns out that I’m an expert marksman and that competitive shooting is fun. Safety is my first priority. Hitting lots of bullseyes is my second.

Between my family, religion, Alteryx, pets and my home I have lots to be thankful for. Sharing and helping others in their pursuits of happiness. I hope to offer unique perspectives on how to solve problems and remain open and respectful to knowing that my way is only one way to get from point A to point B. The journey is where the enjoyment is. If we have fun while we are getting there, then a detour here and there or finding nirvana at point Z is fine with me.