About Us

Co-Lab is a volunteering network of passionate Alteryx employees, customers, and partners collaborating with nonprofit organizations and educators to enable their data to thrive. It’s their way of giving back to drive social change or support the development of the next generation of data analysts.

Nonprofits can tap into a global network of analytic volunteers who can help them connect their data to business insights and further their organization’s cause.

For educators, our volunteer network can share business scenarios that can be applied in the classroom to solve industry challenges or help educators get started using the right tools for their analytics project.

Co-Lab offers access to talented Alteryx experts who can help get you started with Alteryx to prep your data for reporting efficiencies, provide insights about specific tools and functions to train staff or students, or complete an entire analytics challenge to further your organization's initiatives. Each member of the Alteryx Gives Back Co-Lab volunteering network has his or her own core expertise.

For us to provide a valuable experience, we recommend discussing a specific challenge with our volunteers typically of a smaller scope in nature with 20 hours or less of work defined; they are passionate to give back but they also have full-day jobs! Together we can drive social change and build stronger communities using data and analytics.